First shoot with Taurus 45. Lessons learned.

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      Talking First shoot with Taurus 45. Lessons learned.

      Finally got to really shoot my Taurus .45 Millinium pro while really taking my time.
      It shoots pretty nice and after about 100 rounds, Ive had no problems.
      It was shooting low till I realized that after you lined up the dots on the sight you then need to raise the gun and kinda cover the target. Kinda weird, but after a few times I was hitting 8 outta ten on the paper plate from around 20-25 feet. Not a marksman by any means, but Im gettin more comfy with it.
      I learned (the hard way) also that if you get yer thumb up to hi, the slide will rip it off.
      I thought I was gonna need stitches as I bled like a hit deer all the way to the house with huge blood drops in the snow. It really hurt and I wont be that dumb again any time soon.
      Anyways, Had a blast. HG

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      Glad to hear you had a good time. So far as the slide bite I would be willing to bet it's happen to all of us at one time or another. Good luck.

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