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    Queston about carrying larger concealed weapons....

    Just looking for a little advice from those of you who are experienced carrying CCW with a larger weapon. I've always carried a S&W 442 5 shot Airweight revolver simply due to it's small size; however, have considered carrying one of my larger weapons on occassion (such as my 1911 or Sig P229). With my S&W I have a Galco ankle holster and a Mika pocket holster, which makes carrying concealed pretty easy.

    I would like to carry more power, but the larger handguns seem like they would just be bulky and uncomfortable. What are some of the tricks to carrying full size?


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    I am 6'2" 254lbs and I occasionally carry my TZ99 wihch is the same size and frame style as the 228/229 Sigs. I find that an Inside The Waistband holster works well for me worn in the small of my back. I also carry a Witness Compact P which isn't much smaller than my TZ, but since the barrel is almost 1" shorter I carry it in a a FBI style high ride belt holster on my strong side. However if you wear open shirts or casual jackets you can get away with a shoulder holster too.

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    I carry my 1911 IWB and I carry a revolver on my hip in a belt slider. You need a good belt for heavier guns. Everything is a compromise when carring a hand gun. Heavy gun pull harder at your pants. You have to dress around the gun if you wish to conceal it. Good luck.

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    Uncle Mikes IWB. Their holsters let the gun ride pretty low on the belt, so the gun is easily concealed. I carry my P99 and I carried my old USP this way too. Its not uncomfortable either.

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    You'll never be as comfortable carrying a big gun as a little one, but it can be easily done with some motivation.

    I've carried a variety of big guns (Commander, Glock 19/17, Beretta 92) in hot Phoenix summers. I normally use an IWB holster for the big guys, and it works fine. This means some wardrobe adjustments, like buying pants 2" larger than normal and wearing shirts one size larger than I'd like. Baldy is correct about choosing a good, sturdy belt, which must also be 2" larger for IWB carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
    ...You need a good belt for heavier guns. Everything is a compromise when carring a hand gun. Heavy gun pull harder at your pants. You have to dress around the gun if you wish to conceal it. Good luck.
    That's very good advice.
    When I've carried a full-size Government Model .45, I used what was once called an "Askins Avenger" holster. It's an OWB, and it has both a tunnel loop and a rear-mounted slot for the belt. Some are built straight up-and-down, and some are made with an "FBI cant." (Mine is straight up-and-down.) It rides either on or behind your strong-side hip.
    This style is very comfortable for all-day wear because it's not inside your pants, and the rear belt-slot pulls the pistol's butt very close to your body to keep it from "printing."
    Trouble is, you gotta wear a jacket, or at least a vest.
    Balance the weight of your pistol with two reload magazines on your weak side. More weight, but better distribution.

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    Milt Sparks Summer Special. Just about every manufacturer has a knock-off of the Summer Special, one of the great designs. Be sure you get one that uses loops with snaps, not a spring clip, and get one that does not have a thumb snap.

    My usual carry gun is a full-size 1911. It helps to have a wider/heavier belt, but you don't have to overdo it and get a competition-style steel-lined monstrosity. My regular carry belt came from Target (single thickness), although last night at the movies I wore a double thickness Mitch Rosen belt.

    Because it gets hot in AZ, most of my guns are rustproof: stainless steel, or NP3 or Roguard.

    I think it's mostly psychological. We worry that everybody is going to notice. Nobody does. People aren't that aware.

    When I teach CCW classes, I wear dress slacks and a sport coat, and at one point, reveal the guns I have been carrying concealed during the class, without the students being aware of it: two full-size 1911s, a 4" S&W .44 Mag, plus two pocket guns and two ankle guns.

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    Some excellent help in the first several posts here. I will try to coment & illustrate some of the principles stated.
    Many of us carry full size guns of one platform or another. The key is quality gear. The old addage, "You get what you pay for" is double true w/ CC gear. A quality gunbelt will hold the holster in place, no sag, no creep on your belt, on rock back & forth. A quality holster will hold the gun close & it will not sag or slide on the belt.
    I carry a 1911 as my daily carry one of 3 ways.
    I shoulder carry a Kimber PRO CDP. This is a 4"barrel. It is easily cover w/ a cotton western vest.

    Here is what is under it in an Alessi Bodyguard.

    Someone stated above that no one is really looking for your gun & that is very true. Quality belt & holster, Put it on, cover it up, and leave it alone. No one will know you are armed.

    When I carry IWB i cover it the Kimber w/ a polo shirt. Here is a Comp_Tac infidel. My belt is a Rafter S shark.

    And the cover down.

    OWB is the same belt & a Tucker HF1. This particular picture is of my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 which is a 5" gun. I cover this w/ the same typy vest as in the pic w/ the shoulder rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
    You have to dress around the gun if you wish to conceal it. Good luck.
    That's the truth in no uncertain terms there.

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    I carry a Beretta 92 FS in a Safariland IWB holster at the small of my back.
    Unless I'm wearing a snug t-shirt it conceals very well. Yeah, it's a damn big pistol, but I shoot it well (for me) and I like the 15x1 capacity.

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    You should be able to conceal the Sig 229 you mentioned very well.
    I used to conceal a S.W. 645 at one point. And then a G20 very easily. I'm 6'2 237lbs athletically, so I guess its fairly easy to conceal just about any handgun. A good tip is to use the contours of you own body to help with placement. So when/if you sit down, it wont poke your side, or shift somewhere. You want to be to the point to where you forget its on you. I've seen some guys sit down and give their pistol's position away.
    I once had to walk over to a guy, stand near him and whisper to him "your gun is bulging really bad". He went into the bathroom and fixed it lol.

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    You either have to adjust your wardrobe to your gun, or your gun to your wardrobe.

    Cooler weather, jacket or looser shirt? Fullsize XD45 Service, belt carry Galco Matrix.

    Warmer weather, polo shirt or LOOSE t-shirt? XD9SC IWB Uncle Mikes

    Shorts, no shirt, flip-flops in the Orlando sun? Kel-Tec P-3AT in the right front/rear pocket in a pocket holster.

    Remember the first rule... "Have a gun"

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    Though I don't carry a full time handgun I do carry a Glock 23. I am only 5'7" and 180 lbs. I carry with a Blackhawk Serpa on a five stich gun belt. Lately I've been carrying in a leather IWB that Maximo made me. I've found that it rides higher (1 1/2") so is easier to conceal, plus it rides close to my body so my butt doesn't stick out.

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