Something to compliment an HK P30?

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      Something to compliment an HK P30?

      I own an HK P30 and while at the gun show handled alot of different guns. I am leaning toward the Sig and I've always liked them, but I wanted to hear opinion on what weapon would compliment a HK P30 well? I still want to stay with 9MM in order to keep the same ammo.

      Looking for a full size gun. Has anyone had experience with the Sig DAK models? What's the deal with them? I'm not set on Sig completely 100% and am open to checking out everything.

      I'm sorry for the vague question and opinion based type of query. I don't know how to phrase it quite right

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      I have had many 9mm, including the P30 which I have now. But my proudest acqusition lately is the Stoeger Cougar 9mm. Absolutely an excellent pistol. But, going between the Stoeger, the HK, and the Kimber Eclipse during a single session at the range requires a mental reset regarding the trigger differences between them.

      I liked the Sigs, but I like HK and Stoeger better.

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      I'd complement a good pistol with an upper-level training course, rather than a redundant gun. It'll serve you a lot better in the long run.
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