...well,not really.

I was on the hunt for a new "commander" sized 1911.I found a Kimber pro-carry at the local dealer that I was dead set on getting once I received my tax return.

When I returned a month or so later to purchase it...they had the same gun hanging there for $100 higher than it was before and they would not budge on the price.It was still cheaper than list at $699...and I would have still purchased it,but the wife said "that's too much" lol.

So ,needless to say,I walked out with a new 40cal Baby Desert Eagle.
It's not what I was looking for....but I really like it.It fits my large hands quite well and feels and shoots great and seems really solid.

This is my first 40cal...did I do all right with this selection as compared to a 45?It holds 12rnds as compared to 7-8rnds and ballistics don't seem to be that much different.

I do have one more question...what is the finish on the gun?The dealer told me "it's your basic flat black" .....duh! Is it Park,paint,ect...
It looks to be a little on the thin side and prone to scratch easily.