Recommended Course or School in Florida?

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      Recommended Course or School in Florida?

      I have been shooting for just the past several years. I am sometimes at the range every week and other times I let months get away from me before I make it back for some practice.

      I want to get faster and more accurate and learn some defensive techniques. To that end, I plan on attending some type of defensive shooting course this summer. I have found a couple schools here in Florida, but I would like to ask if anyone can give me any recommendations so I can get the best bang for my buck and time spent. Keep in mind, I still consider myself a novice.

      Thank you.

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      I'd look very closely at Randy Cain and Frank Garcia:

      Randy is more defense-oriented while Frank leans more toward competition. Randy is more Gunsite "Modern Technique" while Frank is of the post-modern school of thought.

      I have talked to people who have graduated from both schools, and all report the training to be excellent no matter which you choose.
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      Excellent. It looks like Randy is offering just what I'm looking for. I hope he will be adding more courses for later in the year.

      Thank you for the recommendation

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      I know a few people who recommend the SigArms Academy. They occationally travel around to thevarious ranges and offer classes. I wish I had some links or details, but a range near me has a poster up with some dates that the SigArms instructors will be there doing classes. I'll be going to the range tomorrow and if I slap myself enough I may remember to write down the web address if they have one.

      I'm in FL too BTW, Broward county area.

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