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    Function, pros & cons of a given finish?

    First, my apologies if my searches were inadequate to find an equivalent thread elsewhere here. It may also be that the predominant response for a given finish is "Cuz its purty!" (which I doubt).

    So, my noob questions for the day:

    1. Does any given finish provide an advantage over the rest in sight picture/target acquisition?

    2. Is any given finish better than the rest in durability, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance/cleaning?

    Bonus question: How does Mike post so prolifically while in a combat zone? Maybe a wearable OQO, headmounted display and one handed chording keyboard with a 1911 in the off hand?

    This is nice forum btw. I've found others but this one's easily navigable with intelligent and civil posts.

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    Excellent question....

    2. Is any given finish better than the rest in durability, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance/cleaning?

    .. I'm also interested in different durability levels for different finishes.

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    NP3 is the best aftermarket finish for rust protection. It also needs less lube, as the finish has its own lubrication (you should still use a little in the beginning).

    Hard chrome is probably the most scratch resistant finish. It gives "fair" protection against corrosion, but not as good as others. But, it's almost holster wear proof. You will not mark it unless you scratch it with another metal object or scrape it across cement.

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    A plain ol' blued finish is the least durable of the finishes I've seen, but it is my favorite type. I just like the classic appearance of a blued handgun. The most durable I've seen is stainless steel. Since it isn't a coating, it can't chip or flake off, nor can you wear it off. Stainless isn't 100% rustproof however, and it can rust if given the right set of conditions.

    Between these two are the coated finishes such as the one CZ, ParaOrdance and many others use on their pistols, and the surface treatments such as the Tenifer that Glock uses. I've been impressed at how durable my pistols with these finishes have been so far, but I've only had them for a bit under a year. If you want a dark and durable finish, then Tenifer or melonite is the way to go. There are several places in the US that will apply melonite. These two finishes are not coatings, but instead are chemical bath treatments that change the surface of the metal at a chemical level.

    Another finish that has a great reputation is Birdsong's Black-T or Green-T. I think these are a coated finish, but I'm not sure. There are lots of other coated finishes with names like Ionbond, NP3, etc..

    As for sight acquisition - I've not seen any difference. As for Mike - well, there are actually quite a lot of computers in a war zone, and evidently he has access to one. We are fortunate that the military doesn't mind how he uses his leisure time. This is just a nice way of saying that he must be a pencil-pushing geek with an office job......


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