TAC Rail... what is it?
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    TAC Rail... what is it?

    I am trying to educate myself about handguns and have hit the wall trying to figure out what "rails" are... as far as I can tell, it is something for add-ons to the handgun. As an example, when shopping for Sig P226 I see some listed with "ALY TAC Rail" and the same model listed "ALY Lite/TAC" with about $75 difference. Does anyone have a picture or diagram that may explain these differences? Thanks folks.


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    A mount, usually Weaver style, that allows devices such as flashlights or lasers to be attached to a pistol. It can be an attachment that mounts to the bottom of the frame just in front of the trigger guard, but more common now, it is cast into and integral with the frame. Go to Para Ord's site and look at their Nite Tacs; Glock and many others also have them as an option. Then go to Streamlight and look at their TLR-1 and TLR-2.

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