Question about shipping a gun.

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      Question about shipping a gun.

      Say I wanted to sell one of my guns and found someone on the internet who wanted to buy it. How do I go about shipping it to their FFL dealer? Do I have to take it to a gun shop and pay them the flat rate similar to buying one?

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      Yes, for the most part. Firearm transfers should go through both FFLs because: 1.) For easy transaction and 2.) legal issues.

      Most FFLs are knowledgeble about gun laws from different states. They'll clear up any problems to make a smooth transfer.

      Trust me, I learned the hard way. A seller in IL, shipped a handgun straight to my FFL. My FFL didn't know what to do since it didn't have the proper paperwork. I ended up selling the gun to my LEO friend, because the FFL dealer didn't want to deal with a handgun that was dropped in his lap.

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      One does not need to be an FFL in order to ship a handgun, but that doesn't mean that an FFL will accept a shipment from a non-FFL. If you ship yourself, make sure that the receiving FFL will accept the shipment.

      A non-FFL such as yourself cannot use the USPS, so you would have to ship via a common carrier such as UPS or Fed-EX. Most common carriers have their own rules as to handgun shipments, including the requirement to ship overnight. Just box up the pistol and take it to your nearest common carrier, and do let them know it's a handgun so that they can follow their own rules. Be aware that many people who work the counters at these common carriers have little knowledge as to the rules, and you might be turned away even though there is nothing that forbids shipment (other than ignorance). IOW, you do not have to go through an FFL in order to have a pistol shipped.

      You can ship to a non-FFL in your own state, as long as there isn't a state law that forbids it.


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      I work for Fedex, and I know the rule there with the company is that either you have to be a licensed dealer, or you have to be shipping to one. It further needs to carry the adult signature required option, so that the gun is not released to a minor.

      Whether or not the dealer you're shipping to will accept is up to them. Work it out with them and ship.

      The best advise I can give is wrap it up well, and...duh... don't include any ammo in the box, its dg and you really don't want to talk to the FAA about that.

      Hope that helps... zac.

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      You can also ship it yourself directly to the manufacturer.

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