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    Anybody use the Cylinder & Slide Dunk-it kits for cleaning?

    I've come to love this stuff!

    I'm one who cleans my guns after every range session. The problem is, I end up spending more time cleaning than I did shooting.

    For those not familiar with this stuff, check out this link

    Now I still use bore cleaner for the bores and some powder solvent on the cylinder faces but once it's somewhat clean, I just dunk them in this solvent for a couple of minutes, wipe them down, and I'm done.

    Some of my semi autos need some lube on the rails but my revolvers take a bath and are simply wiped down.

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    Air compressor cleaning

    Have never used the dunk it stuff, but I know that using an air hose and compressor great speeds and cleans in the hard to reach places!! I just use G96, then blast the residue away.

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    Never even heard of it till now. Intresting. I work with acids at work that would probably work too.

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    Thanks for posting this. I've been thinking about asking here if anyone had use the stuff, but just hadn't gotten around to it.....


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