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    Port St.John,FL.


    I like the Bulldog and the XD real well I wouldn't mind having either one or both. If you get one of the four give us a range report of what you think about it and a picture or two. Good luck.

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    I don't care for any of those. If you gave me one for free---make it the revolver as I don't have one.

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    Jan 2008
    Why that RamRod?
    Are they not very good, or u just dont care for the brand? Tnx for any info. HG

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    I would not mind having the XD if the price was right. The other guns just don't do anything for me.

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    I live in a small town in New Mexico
    Out of all of those I would get the XD in 40 cal I do like the bulldog but I am not much of a revolver fan but thats just me. I would warn against the Mill Pro my mom has one in 45 and and a good frined has it in 40 and both have some problems and both have the worst triggers I have ever touched. My best friends wife has the Bersa in a 9mm and its an ok gun.

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    Hey buddy, I got a .40 XD and MillPro, and a bersa, and all three are great guns. As far as bad triggers? Training with any of these guns is key, and the trigger shouldn't be a huge factor. I assume thats a charter arms .44mag bulldog pug, I have never even seen one in real life, but I have read good things about them. I have a charter .38 that has never let me down.

    That is an intreseting list of guns though.. I say get them all.

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