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    cheap 45acp

    i had a previous thread on "cheap 1911" and got some nice responses
    I have a friend that decided to get a Hi Point 45acp fo $159 at a gun show.
    Hi-Point made 50,170 9mm's in 2004 and 50,600 in 2005. I guess they just started recently making 45acp's.

    He knows to put 500 rounds thru it before he relies on it for HD.

    any other thoughts from members on Hi-Point arms?

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    I don't have any arguement with using an H-P for range/fun use, but I would never bet mine or my family's life on one in a home defense situation. If that person truely needs an HD firearm, then they would be better off spending that money on a pump shotgun.

    If they can only afford one firearm and want something that will combine HD and range use, then the minimum I would get would be a S&W Sigma, which would run about $250+tax once you consider the $50 rebate. It's not the nicest handgun in the world, but it does work well.


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