Loaded Magazine???
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    Loaded Magazine???

    Hey guys. I've been debating about an autoloader or a wheelgun. This gun will be used mostly for plinking and fun shooting, so it'd likely be a 9mm (auto) or 38 spl. (wheelgun). I'll probably be getting a hi-point and before i get booted off the forum, i don't have much money and I think it'll be a great little first handgun. My other concern is that it may be used (hopefully not) for self-defense. I don't have a CCW, although I would like one, but it would definitely be a bedside gun. My question is this...If i go with an autoloader, can I leave a mag loaded? I'd rather not leave it in the gun when it's not on my person, but doesn't that hurt the mag spring to leave a mag loaded? If it's not a good idea, could I load, perhaps, 4 or 5 rounds in an 8 round mag?? It makes sense to me, but I don't know that much about mags and springs and such. Do you personally leave your mags loaded overnight? Do you rotate (leave one loaded, and one unloaded each night, and then swap the next for example)? Let me know what you guys think!

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    It isn't compression that wears out a magazine spring, it's being compressed and then decompressed. Leaving the mag loaded will cause no harm. Loading and unloading (either by hand of when shooting) a lot will eventually wear out the spring.
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    Frist any gun is better than no gun in a gun fight. Yes it is kind of hit or miss with a Hi-point. If you are going to shoot it much you will know in a hurry weather it was worth it or not. My brother in law has a 9mm carbine that is a shooter and he rarley cleans it. Range out to about 40-50yds it's deadly. Springs in mags do not wear out from being compressed. Unless your having trouble with the pistol don't worry with the mags. Good luck.

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    Don't worry about your mag springs.

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