Uspsa- Xd, M&p, Glock
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    Uspsa- Xd, M&p, Glock

    a previous thread asked which one of these three was the better pistol and the responses are now over 5 page long and growing..

    does anyone know if the XD and M&P is used in the production division of the uspsa?

    i know the glock almost always wins!!!!

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    Not that I have a bias, because I don't own any and also interested.. How about throwing another wrench in the cog..

    Check out the last couple minutes of this vid.... This gun is also showing street prices a good $100 less than either of the other three. Not that I'm pushing it, but trying to learn about all their strengths and weaknesses for my choice, so thought I'd throw it in the pot.

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    USPSA production guns

    All three of the guns you are interested in are on the USPSA approved list for prodution class. My three boys and I are just starting USPSA shooting and I have equipped us with the M&P 9mm.

    Here is a link to the USPSA listing:

    My brother in law has been shooting it for the past 8months and it is a terrific gun.

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