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    Hi-Point arms

    I have a friend that is considering a 9mm Hi-Point for HD only

    he is not worried about the weight or ccw factors - just HD

    any comments on the hi point arms for this application?

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    If it's reliable with good JHP ammo, it should serve for home defense. These are crude weapons, but would work well enough for across-the-room fights. If it's all he can afford (or all he wants to afford), it's about a thousand times better than no gun at all.

    On the other hand, used holster-worn .38 revolvers can often be had in the same general price range as a new Hi-Point. As an example, I see a few S&W Model 10s on Gunsamerica right now for $175. I'd much rather have a good used Ruger, S&W or Taurus .38/.357 than a new Hi-Point. They aren't sexy like a new semiauto, but they work, and are probably better choices for a novice anyway.
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    What I have seen of the Hi-Points is it's a hit or miss kind of deal. If you get a good one great but if not their a pain. My brother in law bought one and it's a fun little 9mm carbine. I beleive for HD I would chose a little better quality gun, but that's me. Good luck.

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    I saw a public service message about Hi-Point handguns just the other day. I don't remember all of it, but I think it started something like this: "Friends don't let Friends..."

    Other than that, what Mike said.

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    I have the .40 and 9mm HP. Not to thrilled with them. Matter of fact, I tried to trade them both in on a 22lr Neos. The store owner said he would give me 50 bucks for both on trade in. LOL. They are fun to take to the range and mess around with. But I would never recommend them for home defense. If he is limited to a few hundred dollars for home defense, tell your friend to get a Rem. 870 shotgun. Not a hand gun, but sure is a cheap home defense. Much better then the Hi-Points.

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