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Thread: Kahr Question

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    Kahr Question

    I am looking at a Kahr CW9 and was wondering if anyone had input on the brand. Here in KC i don't see alot of them in the stores.. For the money it seems to be a nice gun, I take my CCW class this week, and started looking for a bug, to carry. I am not sure if i want to carry my FNP due to size, but it's hard because I would bet my life on my FNP. So any input on the Kahr would be great.

    Thanks to All

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    I carried a K9 for a while. It was slim and easy to carry, totally reliable and reasonably easy to shoot well. I think the Kahrs are among the most practical carry guns available.
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    Can't comment on the CW specifically, but can on the brand. A good friend carries an MK9 more than anything else. It has been 100% for several thousand rounds, and has an unbelievably good trigger.

    Because of my experience shooting his Kahr, I purchased a PM9. It also runs perfectly with everything I've fed it, and I carry it with Hornady XTP's. Accuracy is not as good as my friend's MK9, but is certainly adequate for SD use. It is super easy to conceal, and despite the light weight, is very easy to shoot. If were to get stolen, I would buy another in a minute.

    I have read some very good things about the CW9, and it is certainly much less expensive than the PM. I personally consider a handgun of that size to be too large for a BUG, but I would carry it as a primary. One thing I should mention is that I've read more negative comments about the poly Kahrs, so you might look at their metal versions, which seem to overall be a bit more reliable.

    Another pistol of a similar size is the Walther PPS, but it will be more expensive than the CW.


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    I have a PM9 that I carry often. It took a couple of hundred rounds to break it in, but it is now very reliable. Kahr makes a nice small auto, but I'd shoot at least 500 rds thru it before carrying, just to make sure it works right.

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    I carry the CW-9 and have found it a nice shooter that has been reliable and accurate (at 10-15 yds). I would recommend one for anyone looking for a good CCW weapon.

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    I carry a P9 almost every day, and have shot over 1000 rounds through mine. It is the favorite of my fast collection of handguns. Kahr service is great if you ever have a problem, and shooting good groups at 25 yards is a piece of cake. I also work at a gun shop, and I personally believe Kahr is a very underrated gun, its a great carry gun, and with the advances in Ammo, get a 9mm for a few extra rounds.

    Good Luck deciding

    Forgot to add what the differences are in the 'CW' models, in case you don't know. CW9 barrel has conventional rifling with a 1:10" right-hand twist (the P9 rifling is match-grade polygonal). The CW9 slide stop lever is metal-molded, the P9's is machined. The CW9 front sight is pinned in place with no front dovetail cut, while the P9 front sight is dovetailed. (Rear sights of both models are dovetailed.) CW9 slide is less machined and stamped then the P9 and the CW9 comes with one magazine, while the P9 comes with two. If you can accept those downgrades, which really have no effect on performance, you save a little over 20% I believe. So go for the CW

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    I have a CW9 with several hundred rounds through it and it works perfectly. It was very stiff for the first 100 or so rounds but still functioned flawlessly with both factory and reloads. Good accuracy, easy recoil and easy to conceal. You will not be disappointed. I have never read a negative review of it by a reputable publication or expert. Any brand or model will have someone that was disappointed with it and will get on forums and bulleting boards and try to make the world think it is the worst thing ever made, but ask several dealers and I think you will find that the Kahrs are very good guns. has several reputable publications reviews on their site you can check out.

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    kcdano: sir; Khar's are outstanding pocket units.
    My shooting partner has one and I get to bang away with it.
    I have shot it from the very beginning.
    Tight my oh my; It will take a little while to shoot it in.
    Now he and I take turns After about 400rds Yahoo

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