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    $1,000 burning a hole! What do you do?

    If you had a thousand dollars to spend on a new handgun and accessories, what would you get?

    I could spend a grand and get a 1911- though not the one I wanted because they usually cost way over a grand. Or I could get the following.

    Springfield XD sub compact 525.00

    Insight X2L Sub Compact
    Tactical Weapon Light W/Laser 180.99

    Custom made holster. 130.00
    Hard time finding a holster
    for pistols w/lights.
    I may have to make a Kydex one
    myself and save $$$.

    Double mag holster 25.00

    Night sight upgrade 100.00

    Extra mags x2 40.00

    Total 1000.00

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    I want to get something in 9mm but I haven't made up my mine what gun. Maybe a M-40 S&W. I guest I really don't know.

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    Yeah, it's funny that a grand doesn't buy too much in the 1911 department, but you can get a ton of plastic gun + accessories.

    Like you, if I had $1000 I couldn't get exactly what I want - an AR. So on that budget, I'd get the other thing I've been wanting: a P99c 9mm. With the money left I'd buy magazines, a carry rig, and plenty o' ammo to break it in.

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    lol..I dunno..I'd still want that 1911..I just can't get enough of them,,just one more,,I can quit anytime i want!..I just don't want to..Hell no it's not a problem!...OK OK OK Hi..I'm Lou and I'm a 1911 Addict

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    Funny I should find this thread today.

    Not exactly an answer to your question, but by coincidence I was just trolling for a Kahr CW40 and maybe my first .45. Found a couple of good deals I've got bookmarked.

    In light of the landmark 2A case in front of the Supreme Court, I've decided to upgrade my NRA membership to Life and defer buying something that I may very well lose the right to use as I please.

    Most states, but not all of them, are making progress at the local level regarding self-defense and the right to carry. Politicians at the Federal level just don't care about anything but their own ideology, and are bent on imposing this ideology in direct opposition to the obvious will of the people, even if may cost some of us our very lives.

    This is a once in a lifetime issue for all gun owners, and I refuse to be AWOL on it.

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    Excellent, far-sighted thinking, glock27bill. If all gun owners thought that way, we'd be an unstoppable force. I'm already a Life Member, but your idea is great!

    I think you can still get a good 1911 for under $1000. The S&Ws are excellent, though they do tend toward more basic defense guns (which I think is a good thing). If you want lots of gizmos, tailfins, chrome mud flaps, and curb feelers you will need to spend more money.

    I don't particularly care for headlights on concealed carry pistols. They have some limited utility for home defense guns, but I can't see much point on a CCW gun. I'd much rather have a good holster and five or six extra mags than a headlight.

    Edited to add: If I personally wanted to spend a grand on a new pistol, I'd probably get a Kahr PM9, a Galco pocket holster, and some extra mags.
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    Anyone got a good used chromed Desert Eagle .44Mag for sale? Carla wants one...

    I'd buy that used Springfield Armory V-16 Longslide I've been watching... It's still there... Anyone know where I can get .45 Super ammo cheap???



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    Kimber Compact Stainless II.

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    Chip in $200 more and get s PS90

    or.. Go get a nice HK

    Or... Go buy a Walther P99 and watch your IQ jump up 35 poinnts!

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    i guess i'm easy to please(cheap) i love to plink with a .22,so i would get a heavy barrel ruger mk III and a heavy bbl. buckmark.put a good red dot on each one and if money left buy ammo to feed them with.

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