Kahr PM 9 recoil
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    Kahr PM 9 recoil

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but here goes. I have a PM 9 and was wondering about felt recoil. I use Wal Mart winchester white box 115 gr for pratice. I wanted to know if a heavier weight hollow point like the 147 gr would lessen recoil or would it be the same as the winchester ball. Recoil is not uncontrolable but would like something a little smoother with my carry rounds. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I cannot feel any difference in 115gr. WWB and 147gr. Golden Sabers. With a little 3 inch barrel, it really doesn't make a difference. I think I'm going to get the pearce grip extension one of these days for the 6 rd. mag, maybe it will make the draw a little easier.

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