Display Cases for Pistols
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    Display Cases for Pistols

    Okay, another topic:

    I would like the pistol in my story to be in a display frame in the protagonist's office. I've seen nice displays before and think this will work.

    However, he will need to remove it, and fast, and for that I need to know how these cases work. Materials? How is the gun mounted to the back of the case so that it appears suspended in the case? What would he have to break, in other works to get it? I assume most frames are locked and that he'll 1) have the key or 2) just break the glass. After that, though, he needs to remove the pistol...and I need to know how that works.

    I promise not to pepper this forum with repeated novice questions about how things are done...I just have a few. I really do appreciate your input.

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    This is a presentation/display case I had made for my father's retirement gift. It has two pretty conventional hasp-type closures on the side. These have locks built into them, so they can be secured at the owner's discretion. If your character keeps the case locked, he could simply break the glass to access the pistol, though breaking glass and reaching through it is seldom as blood-free as it is in the movies.

    The pistol itself is held in place by pressure from the thick foam that is hidden under the red felt. This presses the pistol against the glass, and friction keeps the pistol from moving/sinking/falling.
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