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Thread: Recoil Springs

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    Recoil Springs

    I was wondering what benefit, i would get from putting wolf springs into my guns? any Help.

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    Does your Pistol have around 2,500 or more rounds through it? If so it might help it out alot. Then again I got one here that's got over 3,000rds through it and it's still working just fine. I see no need to put them in till my pistol tells me something is wrong.

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    The only reason to replace a spring is if it doesn't work correctly. Therefore, the benefit would be to make a non-fuctioning gun into a functioning gun.

    Malfunctioning springs can be due to wear, breakage, or inappropriate weight.


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    Shorter barreled 1911s need spring replacement after fewer rounds than the 5" guns. 3" guns need replacing sooner than 4.25",etc.

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    kcdano: Sir; a question with a 1000 answers.
    spring quality
    spring dimension
    spring weight
    spring flexion
    spring tension
    spring set
    spring settle
    spring material
    spring heat
    and there is plenty more?

    Wolf has enjoyed the market with a good consistent quality product.
    Experimenting with different springs can give you better or worse end results.
    the slide slamming, the trigger spring weight, and without going on.
    You can ?improve? on production [cheapest for the arms manufacture] with company's like Wolf.
    In result. Are you "better" with after market springs? My opinion. Yes

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