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    My handgun is a S&W Sigma 9mm its about 7in. is that to bulky to conceal on the hip? I may eventually buy a .380

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    I really like the xds, have you held one of those before? My subcompact 9 is very concealable, the MPs are a little bigger I believe

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    You'd be surprised what you can conceal, so long as you have your belt covered by a jacket, coat or shirt. Lots of people conceal guns larger than a Sigma.

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    What milquetoast said.

    I'm only 5'8", and I've concealed full-sized 1911s and Glocks in very hot Arizona summers. It's just a matter of being committed to doing it, wearing the right clothes, and getting the right gunleather. If the Sigma is the gun you have and the gun you like, carry it.
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    I believe just about anything is concealable if you dress around it and have the right holster. I'm 5'6" 145lbs but I carry a full size 1911, it just took practice with a mirror to find the right position for my holster which for me is the 2:30 - 3:00 position.

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    My EDC is a Ruger P90 which is a full size Auto. I agree with the previous posts. I would carry what I could shoot best. There is a lot of difference between a hit and miss.

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    My Conealed Carrys...

    The Sig P220 Compact is new; I'll be working on where and how to carry it

    The NAA Guardian 380 was my first Concealed Carry Weapon (well, after a roll of quarters in a pair of socks!) It is easily concealable in a Nemesis pocket holster. I think it is obvious that it doesn't have the punch of a 45 but it was for me a logical next step from that roll of quarters. Comes now the P220 Compact!

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