Interesting happening at the range today w/ question

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      Interesting happening at the range today w/ question

      Took my 92FS to the range today and after about 30 rounds it jammed. WTF? This gun doesn't jam. The next round loaded into the chamber but only about half way so the slide was about an inch or so from returning to front-most position. I tried to pull the slide back put it wouldn't move. So, I got a worker there and he was able to get it back by putting the front slide up against the corner of the table and smacking the handle (hard to explain) with the live round flying out.

      I looked at the round and there is a large ripple in the casing. Not the gun's fault. I decided to bring the round home to look at it better and tried dropping it into the barrel (now disassembled) and it wouldn't go because of the ripple so I give it a little push and it gets stuck. Doesn't want to come out either but I popped it out pretty easily. Now I know why it got so stuck when the slide came forward. Anyone experience this before?

      I looked at the inside of the barrel of the gun and there are no marks or scratches so I think it's good. I wouldn't think a piece of brass would be able to hurt a piece of steel, but just wanted to make sure. I put two more mags through it and it ate them all just fine.

      Also, what should I do with this thing? Obviously I can't shoot it and I am not going to just throw it in the garbage. Only thing I can think of is take it to a gun shop and have them dispose of it.

      Oh, and this was Remm UMC ammo before someone asks.

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      Bad ammo happens. This is one major reason we should always inspect our defense ammo before loading our mags "for real."

      I am sort of surprised your range doesn't have a collection box for duds or other bad ammo. Every range I've ever been on has such a "red box." Take a look next time you hit the range, and if it is there, just dump the bum round in there.
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      I always check all my SD ammo with a case gage, just to make sure it will chamber.

      When I first got the gages I checked a few boxes of my range ammo also. Found about 3 to 5 out of each box of 50 that wouldn't go in all the way (WWB and UMC). None of them were as bad as the one you have.
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      You might consider letting the UMC company know about what happened, if you still have the box it came in (they will want to know the lot number). Defective ammo is a big deal to a cartridge company, and they might consider a recall if this same thing happens too often.

      I had some defective Hornady ammo earlier this year, and after notifying them, sent the rest back at their request. They replaced the 1.5 boxes I sent with two full boxes plus one extra box of newly manufactured ammo.


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