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    which .40 should i choose, HK USP or Beretta 96?

    I've narrowed my search for a .40 down to two that i feel fit me best; an Inox (stainless finish) Beretta 96 and an HK USP (full sized). Both fit my hand very well, are comparable in size, and the craftsmanship appear to nearly equal.

    I carried the M9 while in the Marines, so i know the weapon very well and respect it's abilities. I also have heard nothing but good reviews about the HKl, and was fortunate to carry an MP5 in the Corps, so i can attest to HK's reliability as well.

    I found a source that has the 96 for the same price new, as a very gently used USP.

    Based on these two autos, which would you prefer and why? thanks for any input!


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    I've shot both and found that the Beretta 92/96 feels more natural in my hand all the way around, as well as the placement of the controls.

    I don't think that you'd go wrong from a reliability point with either, but I'd always get a brand new weapon as a tie breaker.

    BTW, I personally just like the looks of the Beretta design.

    If possible, I'd suggest that you shoot both and see what works for you.

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