What do you think I should buy? A Glock 26 or S&W 638

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      What do you think I should buy? A Glock 26 or S&W 638

      I know the 2 guns are quite different. But here's my situation.

      I'm a new cop. My service issue is a Glock 17. I was sure I was going to buy a Glock 26 for a backup (and I still will at some point). But I am also considering a very lightweight gun to be on my ankle. I found the S&W 638 that certainly fits the bill. It seems like the 638 would be much more concealable, and some people say a backup should be a revolver because of how reliable they are. Others say a good semi-automatic is just as reliable, and if something happens to the 17 the 26 can use the same magazines. What say you? At some point, I'll have both and wear all three while on duty. But which should I buy first?


      P.S. I can buy the 2 guns for the same price new...$399.

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      I would go with the Glock as they both shoot the same ammo and use the same mags. A G/26 couldn't be more than 3oz's heavier than a 638. Good luck in your new career and thanks for your service.

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      The old Auto vs. Revolver reliability argument is a bunch of nonsense.

      My M&P40, purchased new, has processed in excess of 6000 rounds without a hitch. My new Ruger GP-100 has given me 5 to 10 percent light primer hits for the first 300 rounds and is not reliable yet.

      Go figure.

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      The Glock is just as reliable as a revolver. I own one that has never malfunctioned in thousands of rounds, and I have a rather lax cleaning schedule. The 26 is a better fighting gun than the 638 in every way. However, I will say that the 26 is an awful lot of gun to carry on your ankle unless you are a rather big man.
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      i definitely vote for the g26 over the smith
      when the clips from the 17 will fit the 26 - nuff said for backup and versatility
      i have read alot of g26's are on the ankle

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      up to you

      I am issued the G22 and the G27. I have not been able to carry both much. The baby glock is a great shooter and totally reliable. The 27 is so heavy and with the weight of all the duty gear I have to have, I wind up wishing for the snub nose. I have had both and wish I had the revolver back. I can shoot the baby glock way better than the snub. I guess I cant make it any easier for you other than to say get both.
      Better shooter and makes me feel more prepared by itself===glock
      Easy to carry more likely to wear as back up ===snub

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