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    Hp Clone any suggestions?

    I am looking to purchase a HP clone for fun/range. Looking at a FEG, Fm or Arcus. Any suggestion or thoughts ?

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    Howdy gilfo. I don't stop in here too often or I would've replied on this sooner. I have an FEG-PJK 9mm. I'd guess it's about the closest thing to a real Browning [some might have other opinions!] and I really like mine. Mine has the 3 dot sights. The only modification that I've done to it is to remove the magazine safety. It sure improved the trigger pull on mine! Some of these are kinda particular about what style/shape bullet that will feed through them-and some not so much. Mine only likes round nosed bullets-115 gr. or 125 gr. That's not a big deal with me. All in all, a fun, good lookin' pistol that I'm really tickled with! Try one-I'll bet you'll like 'em too! Good Luck on your "pistol hunt"
    Buckshot Bill

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    See: Feg or Arcus 94 anybody have them ? Regards, Richard


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