Just a few things
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    Just a few things

    1. So i own a px4 .40 and really don't like it, gun has only 400 rds.
    well long story short i have been trying to trade it in on a XD, but the problem lies in that all of the local gun dealers keep telling me that they want my gun plus $275.00 cash which means they are only offering 300 bucks for a two week old one. Gun shops Shuck!! I gonna try th gun this weekend and see what they offer. Any ideas what my gun is really worth?

    2. Shot my new glock 22 today for th first time and i really like the recoil,very smooth, this is compared to my px4, no comparison as far as recoil go's. Shot placement is better on the glock but i do think it is 95% user.

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    Gun shops offer you about 1/2 or less of what your gun sold for. They turn around and put it back up for at a $100 or so increase. They got to make money both ways or it's not worth their time. If it's something in demand or a collectors type you might get a few bucks more.

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