View Poll Results: Which one of these 9MM is more accurate?

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  • SIG 226

    7 33.33%
  • SIG 229

    2 9.52%
  • XD

    8 38.10%
  • M&P

    4 19.05%
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    which one is the most accurate one

    Which one of these guns are the most accurate guns in your expereince?

    All 9MM

    - SIG 226
    - SIG 229
    - Spring XD - 4"
    - S&W M&P - 4.25"

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    Search Function.

    IMO the SIGs would probably have the best out-of-box accuracy on paper, but unless this is for competition target shooting it really does not matter. Any of these pistols would be a fine choice for an easy, accurate plinker or home/personal defense gun. They will each, in the right hands, produce a tight (<6") group at 15yds, and that's all you need a handgun to do unless you're into competition shooting. What's more important is the shooter; only the best competition shooters are steady and focused enough to shoot a tighter grouping than the average nine's natural grouping. Of the ones you listed, choose the one that fits and feels best in your hands and provides the sight picture you are most comfortable with. Most have a simple 3-dot which is easy to acquire and, when properly done, is highly accurate. Others have "fast-acquisition" sights such as 2-dot or dot and bracket that allow the shooter to gain a useably accurate sight picture quickly, but are harder to dial in to an "absolute zero" picture. YMMV, but I prefer 3-dot for practically all applications; pointing the weapon at the BG and pulling the trigger doesn't require sights once you develop a little muscle memory.

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    I agree with Liko81 that one of the SIGs would probably be the most mechanically accurate. Years ago I owned a P226 that was practically match-grade in terms of mechanical accuracy. I sold it because I couldn't shoot it well compared to other guns.

    Which brings me to another point, which amplifies Liko81's excellent post. The mechanical accuracy of pistols like these is usually pretty similar to one another. But the practical accuracy may be wildly different, depending on how well (or ill) the gun fits the shooter. My old P226 shot great from the bench, but the combination of the large grip, high bore axis and crunchenticker trigger system made it difficult for me to shoot well. A Colt Commander that wasn't nearly as accurate from the bench served me better because the smaller grip and crisp trigger allowed me to print tighter groups when shooting from unsupported positions.

    All of which is a windbag way of telling you to try them and see which one you shoot most accurately.
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    I own both. XD (.45 ACP though), and a P226 (9mm).

    It's damn close. Both are supurb. I prefer the sights on the XD, and I shoot it more, so I am more accurate with it. That said, it's easier to make .45 inch holes touch, than it is 9mm holes!!!

    Both have similar triggers on my guns with a slightly heavier break on the Sig. Same basic lock-up, same take-down. I don't mind the trigger safety on te XD. I don't even feel it.

    I picked XD out of preference more than anything. Both tear ragged holes at effective sight distances...


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    Although, I haven't shot the M&P, I found the Sigs to be really good out of the box. That may be the fit for me personally too. If you can rent them to see for yourself, that would be a better opinion.

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    Because of the heavier break on the Sig I said the XD. I also will say that I am biased against Sigs because I think they are way over priced, no disrespect intended but my XD can and does do everything a Sig does and as I look down I see that my arms and legs are still intact and I would have had to pay an arm and a leg for a sig. The M&P in my estimation is a bit over rated but again that’s no disrespect intended simply my view.

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    I own both the Sig P226 and XD. Mine are in .40 S&W. It may just be me or my firearm, but I don;t shoot the XD as well as I shoot my P226, P239, or P228.

    I have shot the M&P twice recently and am buying one soon. It was very accurate in my hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
    All of which is a windbag way of telling you to try them and see which one you shoot most accurately.

    I rented and shot: M&P 9MM, SIG 40 and XD 45, ( and bunch of other which reports are irrelevant here):

    First, my accurate shots are with one hand not two hands, XD 45 nice gun a bit boxy though relatively accurate but I have to hold it with both hands so I can;t judge it plus for 45 IMO either 1911 or nothing

    -M&P 9MM, great in my hand I can easily shoot with one hand feel like a
    .22 for me, accuracy is good but not superior.

    - SIG 226, 40 caliber (SIG lovers don't read ) either it was my luck or this weapon was sepecially designed to train all categories of malfunction!!! with 50 rounds I expereinced at least 5-6 FTF, 3-4 Failure to feed and one stove pipe - I rented many many guns at range and I know they are subject to every abuse BUT never expereinced any of these malfunctions. But when I shot it , it was damn accurate. I hope this is an isolated case to this specific gun otherwise I won't trave with airplanes any more (I heared 229 is Air Marshall's piece

    226 is a bit large for one hand shooting I couldn;t find any 229, so I don;t know if 229 have same grip and feeling or not. But regardless paying almost 60% more to get something that hard to maintain doesn;t make sense

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    Accuracy with a gun lays heavy on the shoulders of the shooter and the brand of gun makes little difference. All of the guns above are quality guns and a good shooter will make them shine. There's a fellow who works at our range that can take a shot and make one adjustment to the sights and blow the X ring out of a target at 21feet everytime. It doesn't matter what the make of the gun is. Now I shoot low with his adjustment but with a couple of clicks on the rear sight and I am on target.

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