What gun is that?
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    What gun is that?

    In the top left portion of this website the graphic by the handgunforum.net logo....What handgun is that?


    Sorry I will quit wasting the interwebs now

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    I am 99% sure it's a Ruger, in the P85/P89/P90 vein. Later and more compact models (P94 and later) take the frame all the way up to the front edge of the slide at rest (later adding a Picatinny rail), but the P89 has that kind of front end. Check this out (P89DC) for comparison:

    (if it doesn't show up, the URL is http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg05-e.htm and look for the P89, second picture).

    In fact, I think that's it, in stainless.

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