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    Recoil Buffer, Needed or Not?

    Just had a recoil buffer shread in my Series 80 Colt Combat Target 45. I thought it was a factory piece but I now believe it was an after market piece. I understand what the selling market says about these things and the benifits but I would like to hear from the experts. Those that use actually use guns.
    Are they really that helpful or not?
    Does it matter more on some guns then others?
    Whats your opinion?

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    I think you are talking about a Wilson Shok-Buff (?). If so, they are completely unnecessary and are just one more part to wear out and jam your pistol. Change your recoil spring occasionally and this part, like very many aftermarket 1911 add-ons, is totally irrelevant.

    After all, the 1911 managed to work for about seventy years before the Shok-Buff was invented.
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    I had one break on me, and lock up my gun bad. Glad it was on the range, and not in a dark alley.

    No more Shok-Buffs for me.

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