effective kill ranges
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    effective kill ranges

    my son is home from the army for thanksgiving and he asked me a question -
    what is the effective range of the 9mm and the 45acp?

    guns to consider would be the beretta 92 and the colt govt 45

    i told him neither over 100 yds but I really think it is closer in..
    45 ball ammo probably drops A LOT at 100 yds

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    Either "can" kill at pretty long distances. The effective range would in my opinion be 25 yards or less as a combat handgun. That aplies to either round. Any more than that and I will use it to keep heads down while making tracks elswhere.

    Thank your son for me please.


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    Effective kill range, or "intelligent to use" range?

    A poorly placed shot from point blank range will not kill. An unfortunate bullet fired straight up in celebration can come down from half a mile up and kill someone.

    I agree that anything outside 25-35yds is a "pot-shot" with a pistol. Yes, you can hit a man sillouette from 50yds with no wind, but not a "kill-zone" in the traditional one-stop-shot sense, hitting brain or spinal chord.

    If you're looking to kill outside 35 yds, use a rifle. If you're claiming self defense at 35yds, better have a gooooood lawyer.


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    variable thinking

    hideit: for supposition; lets suggest [questionable thinking] bullet leaves the barrel @1000fps [feet per second]. 100yds=300'. Now how hard is supposed chunk of lead going to hit an object? foot pound seconds
    Lets factor in 500fps at 100yds. How hard is the chunk going to hit now? foot pound seconds
    We could take the lead weight x speed and have a most reasonably accurate understanding.
    JeffWard and TOF; accuracy are readily apparent. Now how or what equation would be acceptable.
    Math suggest the range is okay; given the variables presented; wind? ability? confidence? reasoning @100yds? with a handgun?
    So my answer is quite apparent. If needed @100yds giving proper considerations to suggested variables 100yds can be a high "probability"

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