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Thread: Lube question:

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    Question Lube question:

    I know, I know... On any other forum, that would sound tawdry.

    Anyway, the manual for my Smith M&P 9 says that it only requires a drop of oil on each of the 4 slide rails (plus a few other places). But I have heard guys say you should also apply a thin layer of oil down the grooves of the slide that ride the rails. Is this really necessary? It seems to me, if the rails are sufficiently lubed, that would be all you need as far as the slide movement goes.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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    Lots of people overlube their guns. This can be pointless (waste of oil), annoying (oil splattered on your shooting glasses), or dangerous (oil causing dirt to stick to gun, inducing malfuctions).

    Stick with the drops on the slide rails and the other places S&W recommends, and you should be good to go.
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    A little lube goes a long way.

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    Just a little goes a long way when lubing a pistol. Follow factory recommendations and you will do just fine.

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    Some lube will transfer to the grooves anyway, so in a sense, the gun will lube itself.


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    I've taken to putting one drop in each groove and standing the rail on end so the oil runs down the entire length and then putting the thinest layer of grease on the rails. Seems to work well as long as I don't overdo the Militec.

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