Any info will help.
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    Any info will help.

    My uncle just gave me one of his many guns. I really wanted his Walther PPK, instead he gave me his Interarms Astra Constible 2. It looks just like a skinny version of a Walther PPK. It's a 380 cal. in a glossy blued and was originally purchased in '92. It's beautiful but I don't know much about it. Any info would help. Is this gus a good as it looks? (I will put up pics. soon)

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    Astra imported the Constable in various calibers from 1965-1991. I can remember seeing them for sale (new) well into the 90s. As I recall, they were a decent PP/PPK near-copy that were fairly popular. I don't remember any bad press about this model (but that doesn't mean there wasn't any, of course).

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    SIGcrazie: Sir; I did a quick and dirty "astra constable" goggle. Much came up and not knowing anything [myself] about the 'Astra' I left it alone.
    Follow up with your findings.


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