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    Gun Safe Care

    I have a Stack-On electronic 16 gun safe here.. Since I live in New England (Home of the Champions) it can be very humid around here at times. Just wondering what you all do to keep your guns in an optimal environment in your safe. Also wouldn't mind reading any good ideas on quick access, better visibility, better storage etc.

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    The outside I wax with auto wax and the inside I keep a silica box ("Browning Dry Box") to take the moisture out of the air. I regen it in the oven annually. I also take everything out twice a year an lightly oil and run an oily patch thru the bores. Never had any issues.

    Many use the Golden Rods which are probably better but I never bought one as we winter in Texas and I leave as few things plugged in while we are away as I can.

    I feel the main protection is to keep your guns cleaned with a light coat of oil.

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    Golden Rod.....

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