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    Hey everyone. I've fired a few guns ( I'm a decent shot ). I've fired a Glock 19 I beleive, a .357 Magnum and a Sig Saur. I'm looking into buying a first hand gun. I don't really require much. I would prefer something under $500 bucks. I'll mainly be using it for target shooting and self defense. It also has to be small enough for my girlfriend to use. She's 5'1 and 106 pounds..she's tiny.

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    Let her pick it out in 9mm. Just keep her away from pocket pistols like a Kel-Tec/3AT. You will end up buying two anyway and you can get the second gun for yourself. Be aware she may lay claim to it to if she likes shooting. Good luck.

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    +1 with Baldy. If she's gonna shoot it, she needs to pick it out. And stay away from the really small, really light guns. She'll hate shooting them.

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    I'd also let her shoot a .45. My wife prefers the .45 because of the different type of recoil, and my Daughter-in-law does also.

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    Glocks are a great first semi auto. I own two.

    As far as your girlfriend is concerned, has she shot before? A 9mm may give her a bad impression. Go with something small like a .22 and allow her to work her way up.

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