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    Rem Oil

    i got some rem oil wipes and lube, with teflon. what do u guys think about using that for LUB on my glock. havent spoke to anyone who uses it. mostly HOPPES, and break free.

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    Rem oil has been my choice for years. It works. Others do too.

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    I've used it without a problem.

    I mainly use Mobile 1 Synthetic though. Seriously. Works damn well and is a lot cheaper than "gun oil".

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    I clean with Rem Oil in the spray, and lube the slide w/ Hoppes.

    My Dad did it for about... 50 yrs. His guns, that I now own still run perfectly, and look like NIB.

    That's a good testament...


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    I have tested/used Rem oi on my RV,Mt Bike,Computer chair and my guns. Its the best lube I have ever found.
    I found out about Rem oil from a lube test a man did on the KTOG web sight.He tested about 15 lubes and Rem oil came out #1.


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    I used rem oil for years, and used to use gun scrubber first. It gives me a headache and makes me light headed just slightly if I use it indoors.

    I swiotched to Breakfree CLP a few years ago, and I can use that all day long w/ no effects.

    Breakfree is a better rust prevantative too, from many tests I have seen on the internet.

    I've read several articles about Rem Oil actually having a small amount of H20 (water) in the mix.

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    I have to agree, Rem Oil is a good product, but for rust and corrosion prevention, Eezox or Break Free is superior, long term storage, light coat of Rig grease. I had to find this out the hard way. Live & Learn.

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    I too have used RemOil for all my guns. However, I have heard of it disolving polymer parts. I have no proof yet. I just don't clean My poly guns.

    Just kidding, I use CLP on my poly guns.

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    Like JeffWard, I use the Remoil spray to clean my guns. It seem to leave less oily residue than Breakfree. I lube with Militec. Neither of these is much for rust prevention, but I try to check over all my guns regularly and use a dehumidifier in the safe. So rust isn't a big issue with me.

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