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    Helwan 9mm...Ever heard of one?

    The husband of one of my distant relatives passed away about a year
    ago. His wife (my relative) knew he had a couple of handguns before he
    died, but she could not find them. Last week she found both of them.

    She is not a gun person, although she doesn't dislike them. She knows I
    shoot a lot, so she showed them to me.

    One is a double action revolver, in .22 LR, marked H&R. It doesn't have an
    ejector rod. I haven't fired it, but it appears the only way to get spent
    cartridges out of the cylinder is to pull the base pin, remove the cylinder
    from the frame, and manually extract each empty case with a screwdriver
    or other such implement.

    The other gun is a "Helwan" 9mm semi-auto. The import mark on the slide
    says: "Interarms" and "Made in Egypt. "

    The bottom of the box has a picture of the gun "exploded" with the parts
    numbered. On the right side of the picture is a numbered parts list, with
    English and Egyptian writing. It is a single-action only gun with about
    a 10 pound trigger pull.

    Both guns looked like the first owner had never cleaned them. The bolt
    face in the Helwan was dirty, but not badly scarred, so he may not have
    fired it much.

    Anyone ever heard of an Egyptian made "Helwan?"

    By the way, the serial number is 1116XXX, so they might have made a
    bunch of them!

    I will attempt to post some pictures when I can.

    I have cleaned and oiled both guns. I plan to take them to my favorite
    gun smith next week to see what he thinks of them. In the mean time,
    can anyone tell me anything about either gun?


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    Yep! The Helwan they made a boat load of them. There wasn't a lot of time spent making everything fit right either. About the same for that old H&R. A lot of them had egg shape cylinders in them. Money wise their not worth much. Good luck with them.

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    The Helwan "Brigadier" was made in Egypt. It was a copy of an older Beretta design. Don't quote me, but I think it was the Beretta 951, or maybe 1951.

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    My first impression was "copy of Baretta?" I had never heard of the name
    before. The box has a UPC Bar code on it, so it can't be very old. I know
    can't be worth very much money. I'll get it checked out than try it out at
    the range. Maybe it will shoot better than it looks.

    L8'er, TP

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    Drummin man is right on the money - it's a straight copy of the Beretta 1951. These guns were easily available as surplus back around the late 1980s or early 1990s.
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    I decided I didn't need to take the Helwan to a gunsmith and took it to
    the Ft. Bliss gun club this afternoon. Not wanting to spend a lot of money
    on ammunition, I purchased a box of Wolf steel case ammo and gave it a

    Well, I have decided not to keep it. It has the worst trigger pull I have
    ever felt on any single action semi-auto. I thought cleaning and
    lubricating it might make it usable, but it didn't.

    As a result of having to pull so hard on the trigger, I have to hold it real
    high up on the grips. It bites! I had enough of it after only 30 rounds.

    What this gun needs is a new owner and a trigger job!

    More, L8'er, TP

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    TerryP Guest
    Sounds like a trade in on something you want.

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    Many years ago, I recall a gun writer saying that the Israelis and the Egyptians both issued these to their respective armies at about the same time in the 60s/early 70s; the reason given was, "They were both swapping/using them on each other quite regularly, and it greatly simplified logistics."

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