laser sighting in
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    laser sighting in

    my question is what distance should I sight the laser in for?

    i am considering either 25 feet or 25 yards.


    aren't most shootouts less than 25 feet?

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    I had mine set at 20ft on a snubnose. I found that it worked real good for me but it took a lot of practice to get it right. My lazer was a C/T and I could contorl it from on and off with the preasure of my finger. I have often wondered if I would even see the lazer in a real shootout. I like them and I think they are a good training tool.

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    My Armalaser is directly under the barrel on the Kahr. I have mine zeroed at 20ft/7M. It's no more than an inch or two high at 25yds.

    I re-zero every month, since I rear-pocket-carry my Kahr, and I basically sit on it often. Last I checked, I was off an inch right at 20ft.

    I doubt I'd ever end up in a 25yd shootout with a 3" gun...

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    I've got mine set to ~20 feet.

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