cowboy action shooting
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    cowboy action shooting

    Anyone here into this? Just found out about it, looks like fun.

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    Nerver done any but if I was a few years younger I dang sure would.

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    If I had the money I would give it a try. Just the excuse I'd need to buy a Ruger Blackhawk, Marlin 1894, and Side-by-Side 12 GA.

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    I have been shooting CAS for about 7 years. The initial outlay took a while to accumulate, but I now have .38 and .45 rifles and revolvers that I use for competition and general fun. I hadn’t done much shooting with single action revolvers prior to this, but I have found that I really like them. The Marlin rifles I use are similar to the Marlin 39A that I got as a teenager.
    I have introduced my wife to shooting years ago, but the only form of competition she likes is CAS.
    I have participated in competition in several different formats previously, small bore and high power rifle, handgun silhouette, and IPSC, and I like CAS the best.

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    If I had the money, I would do it. It is a completely different type of shooting sport, what with the costumes and alter egos and all. Kinda gives grown-ups a chance to be kids again, just for the weekend.

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