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    Relief from lack of Webley pics!

    Hasn't been any new photos of the English cousins lately. Thot the forum could use a freshening up. Here is my Model 1883 RIC in 450. I've found a reliable, cost effective source for ammo and the flash, smoke and boom are much satisfying!

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    Ah, the Royal Irish Constabulary. Otherwise known (to the IRA) as "the Black-and-Tans."
    Easily-spotted, easy to hit, slow-moving targets, all of them. Dumb as cows, as the Sinn Féin would say.
    And those ineffective little pistols were no match for the Mauser rifles which were dropped off from Germany by submarine.

    No wonder the Prods are all forted-up in the North!

    But it's a fine, fine souvenir from "The Troubles," ain't it?

    (Just don't go wearin' a khaki shirt with navy blue pants on Saint Patrick's Day!)

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