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    Rossi revolvers

    Local gun store to me is having a end of month sale of conceal carry stuff. (Bullet Stop in Loves Pk. Il.)

    They have a large selection but not all are on sale.

    My question is what is the general reliability of Rossi revolvers?

    I understand that neither will have a long life but does need to be reliable during that life.

    I'm looking for a low cost reliable hot summer gun, not a target gun or competition gun. Just run enough rounds for the manual of arms/break in and be competent with it. Thank You.

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    I have a Rossi 462 with a Wolfe Spring kit in it. I love to shoot it. I carry it in a Tommy Theis IWB holster. It has around 1200 rounds through it. The only problem I ever had was the Crane Retention Screw backed out at the range. I lost the little spring under the screw. I ordered 2 of them from Taurus (just in case). I blue loc-tited the new one in and it's still tight after 800 +/- rounds.

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