Black Powder Revolver/Pistol
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    Black Powder Revolver/Pistol

    Just got a Black Powder Pistol/Revolver and had some fun at the range.

    What an experience..

    YouTube - Black Powder Pistol/Revolver by FirearmPop YouTube - Black Powder Pistol/Revolver by FirearmPop

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    I have a cap and ball revolver similar to that one. It is novel, but everything about it is a pain in the neck. A very good friend of my father gave it to me when I was young, and it is a heirloom.

    I usually shoot it once a year, on a nice summer Sunday afternoon.

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    I love shooting my Remmy.
    It's fun and it does get noticed.
    Hand it to a kid and let him fire off a few.


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