Laser Sights (LaserLyte)First Class Service

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      Laser Sights (LaserLyte)First Class Service

      I have found a keeper when it comes to Laser Sights.
      I studied for sometime on which laser sight to get
      for my revolvers.I decided on the LaseLyte Sight from
      Both of my pistols have a great deal of use and the laser sights
      have held up nicely.I did have an issue with one,and when
      I contacted LaserLytes customer service?They immediately
      fixed me up.Communications with customer service?AAAA+.
      No I'm in no way associated with LaserLyte.I'm just posting
      because I was treated like a real person.Something that is rare today.
      LaserLyte is quality plus service.Just thought I'd pass it on
      for anyone looking at purchasing a laser sight.

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      It is almost as rare to have good customer service as it is to hear of someone passing it along..Thank you


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