.22LR Revolver of me and the kids

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      .22LR Revolver of me and the kids

      This first bit I also pointed inte semi-auto section.
      Ok 9mm, .38S&.357 Mag is to heavy for my kids, 8, 12 & 15yrs. I would like to buy another .22LR Pistol fo revoler. I had a self loading pistol once before and it was anything but fun. It never worked right and each timed used was analysis for how to make it shot better. I think it fair to say I never once enjoyed using it. It was a Tangfoglio Force. Finally I got it to shoot 2 mag without any trouble and then got rid of it with a clear heart.

      That said I think it would be great to have one that work well. Good for me to shoot target and work on draw and placement, but I really want to be able to let my children try pistol.



      What .22LR revolver would you recommend and why???

      Whatl .22LR revolver would you run a mile from and why???

      You experience and comments are most welcome.

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      I answered this same post Here

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      There is really no need for more than 1 post on the same subject...
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