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    Cool Chicago PD sixguns ???

    Howdy , I just bought the M squad Dvd collection , which is like Dragnet only with Lee Marvin in Chicago , does anyone know what sixguns and leather holsters the Chicago PD issued ??
    Please post, many thanks, zorro

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    I would guess that, given the era, the patrol officers used a 4" .38 Special revolver of some sort; probably a S&W model 10 or Colt Police Positive. I just Googled and watched a short compilation of clips from the series at this site:
    and the gun Lee Marvin was using looked like an old-style 2" Colt Detective Special in .38 Special caliber (hard to tell for sure in those quick, small-frame clips).
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    Chicago issued the Model 10 for many years ( maybe issued isn't correct, but approved). However it was usually considered a backup gun due to their very broad second gun policy.

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