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    Your first gun book?

    I remember very well the first book that got me started on my way in seeking gun knowledge. It was the Daisy "Red Ryder Handbook."

    At that time I thought I was expert in my knowledge of handguns. There was an "Army Gun" (M1911), a "Cowboy gun" (Colt SAA), the "German Luger", "Police Gun", (Colt or S&W .38s) and was aware of the term "Snub nose .38". What more was there to know?

    But there in the illustrations was a gun I could not place. After some searching, I learned it was a Colt rod ejector DA .45, the Model 1878.

    Many years have passed since then, but I still remember that book. At about six or seven years old, I determined to learn how to shoot the one-hand gun, and learn all there was to know about them.

    Still searchin'.

    Bob Wright

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    Elmer Keith's Autobiography

    Quickly followed by Sixguns

    I've got all of his books save the couple that are all but impossible to find

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    Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting by Ed McGivern. My Grandpa knew him and had several copies of his book, so when I got interested in guns he gave me a copy.

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    :-D As a young boy , whenever I went to my buddy's house I loved to look at his father's copy of the Shooter's Bible. That must have had an influence on me. Later as a Teenager I bought a Gun Digest and read it cover to cover until there was no cover. Right now I own ever Gun Digest except 2. #4 and #60. Sixguns, Chic Gaylord's Handgunner guide, Smith & Smith Small Arms of the World were early influences on Me. I now own well over 400 books that could be considered Gun Books.

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    The 1969 Gun Digest...Still have it...Kinda worn though


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    First gun book?
    Robert Abels's antique arms catalog—boy, did I want a real Kentucky rifle!
    It took me a while to save-up the money, but I finally got one from him...with his help: he gave me the rifle, and let me pay it off on my salary (75 an hour) as a clinic clerk in a New York City charity hospital.
    That was almost 60 years ago.
    I still have the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairy Clipper View Post
    The 1969 Gun Digest...Still have it...Kinda worn though

    My first was the 1979 version, and it had the same problem with wear. I saw a new-ish looking one at a gun show last year and bought it to replace the original. That night, I read it cover-to-cover before putting it up on the shelf; it evoked many fond remembrances.

    I also have several gun magazines from that year that I digested as my hobby blossomed. Memories...

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    This brought back good memories.

    I cannot for the life of me remember those first two books that I checked out of the public library when I was 15. They were both on basic rifle marksmenship and I believe one was written by a British Army Colonel, which I thought was the greatest thing in the world. I just knew he wrote that book in a room full of trophy animal heads and he probably had a handlebar mustache.

    The books were out of date on technology, probably written during the 30's but did offer alot of good advice. I remember being shocked to discover that a bullet does not exit the barrell then magically rise after 25 yards as I had been told by what I thought was a reliable source. Another valuable lesson, never trust your uncles on firearms ballistics.

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