S&W 642... Thoughts?
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    Exclamation S&W 642... Thoughts?

    I'm in the market for something small for CCW in the summer months. I'm starting to lean towards a small revolver and the S&W 642 38spl keeps coming up in my research.

    Anyone have one or experience(s) with one...?
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    I have one that I bought a year or so ago, with factory installed CT laser grips. I like it fine, and shoot it pretty well, with or without the laser. It can be carried in a large pants pocket, or a jacket, or it works pretty well IWB.

    To be honest, though, if I had it to do over again, I would probably buy a Ruger Sp-101 in 3" with the laser grips, and carry it strictly IWB, because the LCP fills the niche for a pocket gun. I would prefer the .38 with +P ammo, if the 642 were an ideal pocket carry gun, but it is really to large for pocket carry in anything but khakis or cargo type pants, neither of which I wear much. My thinking is that if I'm going to buy something that has to be carried IWB, I might as well have a pleasant shooting .357 magnum, or 9mm semi-auto.

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    Lady Smith?

    All fine hammerless rollers. Nice and light, made for ankles.
    You can press-fire or fire from a pocket. Suprise!

    These are very lightweight revolvers so....super easy to carry, not built like an SP so- that has two meanings.

    Start at 600$ retail and go up from there.... if I was able to CCW, I'd hit it in a heartbeat. Taurus makes a copy in the CIA for 100$ less but it's heavier.

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    I carry a 642 daily.....I live in the heat of Houston. I love it! Easy to conceal and accurate. I have never had anyone notice. I carry it on sales calls, construction sites, everywhere. Just to conveniant and easy to carry.

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