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.357 is your bottom limit? What do you normally carry around? A rocket launcher?

In warm weather I carry a .357. In cold weather where I can wear a heavy jacket; a 5" Kimber 45.
Having been a handgun instructor and police officer I understand what happens when an attack occurs. I do not want a smaller caliber to bet my life on. think about it; if you are attacking someone, and they shoot you with something that does not put you down quickly; you are going to try to take that person out as quickly as you can. The small caliber defense weapon can create a dangerous situation if it does not disable your attacker quickly enough. It's not a game of: let's see how small a caliber I can use and still stop someone. People have died because of this. I choose not to be a victim because I decided to carry something just because it was smaller and lighter to carry. Cheers!