smith model 317 scadium
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    smith model 317 scadium

    has anybody heard any bad things about this very light 22lr revolver made out of scadium

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    The 317 isn't one of the Scandium models, but it IS one of the AirLite series revolvers, and it's also super-light like the Scandium guns, so I can understand your confusion. I once owned a 2-inch fixed sight (now gone) and currently have a 3-inch adjustable-sight 317.

    It has an aluminum frame, aluminum cylinder, and an aluminum barrel shroud surrounding the rifled stainless steel barrel liner. It is VERY light, and because of that, is a challenge to shoot accurately (it is very easily moved off-target by a moderate breeze, any slight hand/arm/body movement, or a non-smooth trigger squeeze; it just has no mass/inertia to resist any inadvertent motions).

    It's REALLY handy as a trail/hiking gun; it's so light, you can forget you have it on your belt. Add a pouch of ammo, and you have a great "kit" gun, if you can shoot it well enough to accomplish the task at hand.

    Here's a link to photo of my 317 in the Photo Gallery:

    And here's another photo of it I have hosted on the www:
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