Snapcaps or spent brass?
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    Snapcaps or spent brass?

    I started dry-firing consistently.

    Now, what about using fired cases, not deprimed, instead of snap-caps?

    Any difference as to preserving the gun's mechanical integrity?

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    I'd get snap caps, if you feel like you need anything at all. Snap caps cushion the firing pin much better than fired brass, and are also less likely to get mixed up with live ammo.
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    Since I know you've been reloading, try this:

    De prime a cylinder full of cases. Get a package of mechanical pencil erasers. They will fit into the primer pocket and can be superglued into place. Once the glue is dry, just trim them flush with a razorblade. Once that is done, do something to them, paint, marker etc. that will let you tell them from live ammunition on sight.

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