Fired My Charter Bulldog First Time Today

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      Angry Fired My Charter Bulldog First Time Today

      I scrounged around and came up with a few rounds of factory PMC
      44 special ammo. So, off to the range I went.
      What a disappointment today turned out to be!

      The pistol ranges were closed for maintenance, so I had to go to one of
      the rifle ranges. The wind was blowing so bad the target frames would
      not stand up. The only thing I could do was blast away at rocks. Bummer.

      Anyway, I fired the little gun 35 times. I found the cases tend to stick in
      the chambers making extraction difficult. I think the inside of the chambers
      need to be polished a bit.

      This is my first stainless steel revolver. Is it normal to have case extraction
      difficulties in new stainless revolvers? Or, am I just "lucky" again?

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      If the chambers look clean and free of rust then it sounds like the ammo has pressure problems in your revolver. That sounds unusual for that caliber as it operates at a fairly low pressure threshold. I would give it a thorough cleaning and then buy another brand of 44 Spl ammo.

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      tight chamber

      are you using brass or alumiun ? alumiun will swell up after been shot.

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      Try Win-White-Box if you can find it and save the cases if you reload or are thinking about it in the future. Sounds like they were loaded a little to heavy. If the WWB stick then you will need to ream the cylinders out a little. Take it to a good gunsmith if this is the case. Good luck.

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      Well, I don't think it is an ammo problem. However, I do agree that the
      next step is to try a different brand.

      The gun is brand new. The first thing I did when I got it home was to
      clean it using Hoppes and Break-free CLP. The chambers look a little rough, not as smooth as I think they should.

      The manufacturer, Charter Arms, says the gun has a lifetime warranty
      Does anyone have experience with their service department?

      The good news it that it did go bang every time I pulled the trigger on
      fresh ammunition!

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      I wouldn't do anything until you've run several hundred rounds through it. Oftentimes a new gun will have a coating left on it from manufacture, lubricants that cool the metal during forming operations. Shoot and clean your gun normally a few times before deciding on any action.

      Bob Wright

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