Is that a joke? No way...
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    Is that a joke? No way...

    The agency regulating the importation of weapons in italy last year pronounced against the domestic marketing of the Smith & wesson 500, notoriously the biggest, baddest non-custom revolver presently in commerce.

    I recently heard about the official pronouncment:

    "Very powerful and easily concealable weapon"

    Please note that such words relate to both 4" and 8.38" models...

    At the beginning I thought it was a joke, but they confirmed otherwise: the italian government officially labeled the S&W 500 mag as 'easily concealable'...

    Amazing thing, recently the same agency allowed importation of the S&W 460 in 8.38" ('easy concealment' no more a problem???)

    Of course, this post should have maybe been titled "the power of (enough) lobbying"

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    Sure, you just cut a hole in the tip of your pocket and presto! it's a pocket gun!

    Seriously though, that's laughable. A guy trying to conceal that would be so obvious. He'd walk like there was a load in his pants.

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